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Tax can be something of a minefield. At MSA Accountancy & Business Advisors we provide a comprehensive range of tax advisory services to cater for the tax needs of individuals and businesses. In business a lot of time can be taken up collecting revenue for the government instead of being spent running and developing the business.
MSA Accountancy & Business Advisors' proactive service is tailored to ensure that you and your business benefit by helping you minimise your corporate tax exposure and taking the administrative burden off your shoulders. We make sure that you are aware of, and take full advantage of the tax saving opportunities open to you.

We provide a comprehensive range of taxation services to businesses

Personal Tax
Corporate Tax
Research and Development
Inheritance Tax
If you would like to discuss our services in more details please call: 0116 279 5055

Personal Tax

•Are you taking advantage of tax efficient remuneration?
•Are you investing tax efficiently to gain income tax and capital tax advantages? 

Personal taxes affect everyone, whether they are in business, an employee or receiving a pension. Professional support and advice in relation to your tax affairs starts with ensuring the compliance burden is handled for you so returns are submitted accurately and on time and then based on that solid foundation we look to build on tax planning.  

Maximising personal wealth requires a pro-active approach to taxation planning and recognising that how tax is treated in a transaction can decide the success or failure of that transaction.

Effectively, every pound of income tax you save means more income at your disposal, every well-planned disposal of assets may mean minimal capital gains tax to pay, and sensible and timely estate planning can ensure that inheritance tax saving means more benefit for your chosen beneficiaries.

We are tax specialists providing personal tax support and advice on:
•Income tax
•Capital gains tax
•Inheritance tax

Whether in business trading through a company or as a partnership or sole trader, we never forget our clients are also individuals. We work closely with chosen financial planning partners to provide specialist help to ensure the tax aspects are fully considered in all financial planning. We deal with your affairs competently, professionally and timely so that you can concentrate on your business, work or retirement without the worrying about tax.
•We always ensure that all taxes are considered as it is important when seeking advice to understand the interaction of all taxes
•We consider clients tax position on a regular basis to review tax efficient planning opportunities.
•We help client’s structure tax affairs and investments in the most advantageous manner

Corporate Tax
At MSA Accountancy & Business Advisors we offer a wide range of services for companies ranging from small to large. Let us look after your routine compliance work such as:

Tax planning
Tax planning needs to be considered at every stage of a business's existence. It is important that before you commence, consideration is given to the most appropriate entity structure and also which accounting period end to use. When the business is up and running we will work closely with you to identify tax saving opportunities as they arise. When you are ready to retire we will aim to minimise any tax if the business is sold or ceases.

Corporate Tax Returns
We can assure our clients that much of the worry and hassle of producing your tax return can be removed by allowing us to do it for you. We can help by:
•filing your return with HMRC in an iXBRL compliant format;
•advising of any potential tax reliefs available
•notifying you of the deadlines for the return and payments. 

Remuneration planning for directors
We are experienced in looking at the most tax efficient way of extracting funds from the company. This can be in the form of a dividend or a bonus, share option schemes, pension contributions or other tax efficient benefits in kind. We work with our clients to provide solutions that fit in with their existing business strategy.

Inheritance Tax
With a little foresight inheritance tax liabilities can be minimised. Historically rising house prices have made more and more people enter the bracket where inheritance tax has to be paid. At 40% over the current nil rate band of £325,000 it is worth considering whether it is possible to avoid such liabilities.

We are experienced in advising in the use of trusts where appropriate. They are a useful tool to protect family wealth and also to shelter your estate from inheritance tax.

We work closely with our partners to advise and plan the best possible method of passing on your wealth to your beneficiaries.

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