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MSA Accountancy & Business Advisors provide businesses with support in accessing and claiming Research and Development (R&D) tax credits and the creative sector tax relief.

There are two main tax relief schemes available to Small or Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) carry out R&D activities in the UK:

R&D Tax Credit Scheme
Available to UK Limited companies attempting to improve a product, service or process through technological advancement.

The main benefits are:
•Companies are able to deduct up to 230% of the qualifying expenditure to reduce their taxable profits and therefore corporation tax liabilities.
•If the company is loss making, HMRC will pay the company for the R&D element of the loss at a rate of 14.5%.

R&D Expenditure Credit Scheme (RDEC)
Available to UK Limited companies who have incurred expenditure attempting to improve a product, service or process through technological advancement on or after 1 April 2013.

The main benefits are:
•A taxable credit paid at the rate of 11% which is then taxed, resulting in a net benefit of 8.8%.
•Loss making companies can offset the benefit against future tax liabilities.

Who can claim R&D tax relief?
 To be eligible for R&D or RDEC tax relief, a company must meet the definition of a SME for R&D Relief purposes:
•Have been in operation for at least one year.
•Have a turnover less than £90 million and assets on the balance sheet of less than £77 million.
•Have less than 500 employees.

How do you claim tax credit?
•You need to submit a corporate tax return, together with a detailed report containing the figures backing them up.
•Alternatively let MSA Accountancy &Business Advisors prepare everything for you to submit to HMRC.
•We will prepare the report for no fee.
•You will only need to pay us if we are successful.
•We have submitted R&D tax credit claims for companies operating in most industries, including engineering, manufacturing, software production and retail.

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