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•Do you have access to the finance your business needs or know how best to raise it?
•Are you making an acquisition or disposal of a business?
•Do you have an exit route in mind?

MSA Accountancy & Business Advisors provide expert advice on these and other areas or corporate finance, including:

Funding requirements
To assist you to obtain an appropriate package of finance to suit your business short, medium and long term needs.

Refinancing your business
Consolidating your current finances into a suitable and more manageable package, advising on rates and assisting with facility negotiations.

Assisting in identifying suitable acquisition targets, advising and assisting with negotiations on pricing and structure of consideration together with principal contractual terms and financial due diligence.

Assisting in the marketing of businesses for sale, advising on methods of disposal, pricing and structure of consideration and principal contractual terms.

Management buy outs/buy ins
Advising on suitable structures, pricing and consideration structuring, principal contractual terms, business planning and fund raising.

Identification of a suitable merger partner and pre merger feasibility study.  Advising on the structure and terms suitable to effect the business combination and carrying out any due diligence required.

Advising on company and group reconstructions, to simplify and enhance the transparency of capital and operating structures, improve tax efficiency, streamline operating methods and optimise financial performance

Due diligence
Investigations into certain aspects of businesses to be acquired and invested in, and into major trading partners to identify the current position on areas of risk with recommendations as to how such risks can be mitigated.

Special reports
Including redemption and buy back of shares, valuations under the Companies Act and commercial business valuations.

Tax planning
Advising on the tax consequences of particular transactions and suitable methods to mitigate liability to taxes.

Our expertise and contacts will help you to open doors that may otherwise have remained closed for you.

For further information, or to enquire about a FREE initial consultation, contact us on 0116 279 5055 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.